Yes, our story begins with
 an addiction to the beauty world. 

who are we?

AddictaLash is a young company located on the Gold Coast of Australia. We offer an innovative concept around the enhancement of the look and beauty of the face, thanks to a revolutionary technology that facilitates the daily lives women. 

After months of research and tests, we were able to meet perfectly womenโ€™s requirements by providing design and quality eyelashes with the guarantee of a natural effect. Our magnetic lashes and eyeliners avoid the constraints of classic lashes by offering an effective alternative. 

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The design and materials of our magnetic lashes have been closely studied. We offer different variants that are suitable for all with environmentally friendly materials. We only use synthetic fibers, which gives us the extreme privilege of being certified vegan with animal-free testing.

At AddictaLash, we believe women can have the beautiful lashes they crave without cruelty to animals.

We want to help build a better, more ethical lash industry by directing a portion of our profits to support PETA as they fight the unjust use of mink to create lash products. 

We stand by PETA in their work, both by selling only cruelty-free, vegan lash products and by sharing part of our profits with them.

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We are committed not only to bringing you the best lash technology but also the best look for your eyes.

Become Addicted To Your Lashes