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Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use?

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Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use?

Magnetic eyelashes are marketed as easy to use and safe. But our eyes are important and a sensitive zone. Here's what you need to know about this eyelashes trend.

What Are They?

Their popularity surged for one main reason: convenience.

Unlike old-fashioned extensions, which stick onto the eyelids with glue, magnetic eyelashes contain tiny magnets. AddictaLash uses a magnetic eyeliner which contains iron oxides and makes the application way much easier and safe* for your natural lashes.

But, are they safe for your eyes?

The answer appears to be yes. Mila Loussifova, optometrist confirmed this answer and said "I like there's no glue in this, if you have to use them once in a while"

But there are a few things you should keep in mind. The TGA requires that all false eyelashes and extensions -- and the glues used with them -- meet the organization’s rules for cosmetics.

While the glues used with traditional false eyelashes can cause allergic reactions and irritation, magnetic eyelashes don’t use these glues. Whether traditional or temporary magnetic, false eyelashes can be made of human hair or synthetic, human-made materials. Know that the quality can vary, as well. AddictaLash uses only silk or synthetic materials for their magnetic eyelashes which are safe and animal-free testing.

No matter which kind you buy, touching your eyes to put your lashes on can lead to an eye infection.

Safety Tips

If you decide to go with magnetic eyelashes, keep the following things in mind:

• Don’t share magnetic lashes with other people.

• Always do a prior test if you use a magnetic eyeliner.

• Keep the box for your lashes clean and closed.

• Don’t store your magnetic lashes in very hot places.

• If your eyes become irritated, stop using the lashes.

• Don’t use them if you have an infection or the skin around your eye is irritated. Throw away any lashes that you used at about the time you got the infection or irritation.

• Wash your hands before touching your eyelids.

• Be careful not to touch or scratch your eyeball.

• Don’t try to put your lashes on in a moving vehicle. Your hands may slip. That could cause injury or infection.

• If you’re having an MRI, be sure to remove completely magnetic eyeliner and don’t wear lashes.

Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any sort of bad reaction to an eyelash-enhancing product, whether extensions, magnetic eyelashes, or eyedrops.


*AddictaLash magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides and has been tested and declared totally safe for the skin by the TGA and are often used in cosmetics or medicine. There’s no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. We always recommend making sure to pass the allergy test before using this product. There are no known side effects with our magnetic eyeliner.

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