How to clean magnetic eyelashes?

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How to clean magnetic eyelashes?

During this quarantine time where extension poses are impossible, false eyelashes are at the party. Indeed, during this period, long, curved lashes can really add an extra something. However, this weapon of mass seduction is not a disposable accessory and if you want to reuse themdifferent options are available to you. We will, therefore, teach you how to clean your magnetic lashes in order to clean them properly and take care of them to keep them for as long as possible.

Clean your AddictaLash to keep a Goddess look!

Now that you know how to apply and remove them without stress, it's time to know the right gestures to pamper them in order to keep them for as long as possible.

How to preserve your magnetic lashes

Method 1 :

Gather all the material you need to clean your magnetic eyelashes. You'll need eye makeup remover, 90% alcohol, cotton discs, a cotton swab and tweezers.
Next, wash your hands with soapy water to ensure you are handling your magnetic eyelashes with clean hands. If you transmit bacteria to the magnetic lashes, you may later catch an eye infection.
Then gently remove your lashes by peeling them from your AddictaLash eyeliner. Once removed, take a cotton pad and soak it with make-up remover. Apply it to both sides of the lashes in small movements, from one end of the lashes to the other. Make sure you remember to clean the small magnets. The purpose of this step is to properly remove not only eyeliner residue but also mascara. If eyeliner residue remains, use tweezers to gently pull out the remaining pieces and traces of eyeliner.  It's very important to remove all eyeliner from the magnets so that the magnets remain effective. 
Finally, you should remove all eyeliner and make-up residues with 90% alcohol. To perform this step, dip your cotton swab in the alcohol and run it along the strip and magnets. In additionremoving the eyeliner residue disinfects the magnetic lashesallowing you to safely reuse them later.

Method 2:

As in the first method for cleaning magnetic eyelashes, gather your equipment. You will need a plastic container, makeup remover, tweezers, tissues and an eyelash comb.

Again, wash your hands and remove your magnetic eyelashes. Then place them in the container and pour makeup remover inside. Add one tablespoon of make-up remover to cover your AddictaLash.

Then leave for about five minutes., but no longer than that, because you risk damaging them. Once the time has elapsed, gently remove them from the container with tweezers. Then place them on a tissue.

Now, take care of the remaining stubborn eyeliner. To do this, hold the magnetic eyelashes between your thumb and forefinger. Use the tweezers to remove the last traces of eyeliner from the strip and the magnets. Do this gently, however, so that you don't tear off the false eyelashes.

Rinse the container thoroughly and then pour make-up remover back into it. Do not use as much as the first time - just pour a thin layer. Then take the false eyelashes with tweezers and drag them into the container several times. 
Move the eyelashes from left to right and don't forget to do this for both sides of the false eyelashes.

Repeat this operation until the false eyelashes are nickel-plated. Finally, set them aside in a clean place to dry on a tissue. Once they are completely dry, take your eyelash comb and run it over your false lashes. 
Don't skip this step because it helps the eyelashes to keep their shape.

Now they are clean, you have to put them away!

Here are the necessary steps to keep them in as good a condition as possible: 
Do not put them away while they are still wet or even damp.

In addition, to keep them in perfect condition, put them back in their original AddictaLash box. Do not leave them lying around in a drawer where they may become covered in dust and get damaged. 

The place where you keep them is also important. Store them away from light or direct sunlight. The sun can change the colour of your eyelashes, so to avoid this, choose a dark place.

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