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Lashes looking fab!

Worth Every Penny

Much cheaper than other serums and the results are incredible! My lashes are looking gorgeous and it's worth every cent!

Incredible Growth

As a busy mom, I don't have time for fake lashes or extensions. This serum is a lifesaver! My lashes look great in no time!

Love Kit

It's looks natural on me !Feel like I'm not wearing it!
very impressed!

Natural Kit

Loving my addictalash lashes ! Perfect if you don't want to worry about the cost and upkeep of lash extensions !

OMG Amazing!

This serum has changed my life! My lashes are longer and thicker than ever before

No more lash breakage

I used to hav a lot of lash breakage, but this serum has made them so strong and healthy.

Love Kit
Nat (Melbourne, AU)
Love these lashes

I’ve used these lashes for special occasions for 3 years now. They are the best


So I found this lash serum, and thought, why not give it a shot? I'm not really one for loads of beauty stuff but I wanted to give my lashes a little oomph. I've been using it every night for a few weeks and the difference is wild! My lashes look so good now, seriously!! they're longer and fuller, and I've been getting so many compliments. I'm super happy I decided to try it!

Vixen Lash
Natalie (Melbourne, AU)
Vixen Lashes

I am a lash tech and I swear by these magnetic lashes. The new Vixen style are perfect for me and look very much like I have real lash extensions on. Couldn’t recommend enough. What are you waiting for go buy some
Pic attached side by side before and after

Love Kit
T. (Sydney, AU)
Love these lashes!

So easy to apply… the liner goes on just like any other liquid liner, then align the lash and the liner and the magnets do the work!
So easy and they look ahhhhhmazing!!!
I’m going to save so much money by not getting my lashes done but can still have the same affect!

Dramatic Kit
Jackie (Sydney, AU)
Dramatic Lash Kit

Absolutely love these lashes! I have recently stopped getting eyelash extensions due to the cost of them but have also lost a lot of confidence doing so. But wearing these I have gained it back! So easy to put on and lasts all day. Highly recommended!

Easy to use

I love how easy this serum is to apply, and the results are just fantastic

Pixy Kit
N.L.A. (Sydney, AU)
So easy to apply

Love the Pixy Magnetic Lash Kit. I don’t wear makeup often and haven’t the best eyesight but I was able to apply these easily. They looked very pretty and held firm as stated on the website. I definitely recommend Addictalash products to anyone looking for a quality product that actually works as stated. Definitely worth the money. Thank you Addictalash for making me feel pretty 😍.

Results in weeks

Saw results in just a few weeks. My lashes are so long and full now!

Natural Kit
Suzie R (Brisbane, AU)
Loving the Lashes

Really tricky at first being first time user of liquid eye liner and false lashes, but after a few attempts, I think I have #nailedit and love how they look on me. Bought another round of them, I was sold 😃

Great for busy mums

Okay, here's the deal. I'm a mom. Life is chaos, time is limited, and beauty routines? Yeah right! But, this Lash Serum has totally changed the game for me. Every night, just a quick swipe on my lashes and by morning they're longer and fuller! It's that simple, no fuss or anything. Feel like I'm spoiling myself. Moms out there, you gotta try this!

Sensitive eyes rejoice

Finally, a serum that doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes! My lashes look great.

Love Kit
Carly Ashley (Melbourne, AU)
Game changer

I don't do lashes at all but I love these so easy to put on and they work I have my work breakup so I will wearing the lashes on the night .

Great find

Not the best picture but the big space in my eyelashes is noticeable, I’ve only been using this product for a few weeks (I forget to apply some days) but it is already making my eyelashes grow where some falsies had tore my real ones out. It’s definitely helped in my length as well. For such a good price compared to other serums I will definitely reorder in the future

Can't believe it

I was skeptical at first, but this serum has made my lashes so long and thick. It's unbelievable!

Wispy Kit
E.F. (Adelaide, AU)
Absolutely Stunning Lashes

I'm new to lashes, and was so nervous to put them on. I was hopeless at glue ons. I brought a pair of natural whispy lashes and found them so easy to apply. I quickly picked up my confidence and had them on in minutes. Love the fact that i got a free gift as brought them for my birthday. Thank you addictalash, I'll be buying more. Love love love them

Day & Night Kit
Sarah Tannahill (Melbourne, AU)
Soooo good

They are so damn good just get them! I’ve gotten my manager onto them to get them for her daughter! She will love them! So easy to apply just put a good amount of eyeliner on and bam! So easy!

Easy application

Simple to use & great results.

Hypnotize Kit
D.B. (Buninyong, AU)
In Love

I honestly cannot recommend AddictaLash any higher. So easy to apply so light weight and such a strong hold but the lashes themselves are just so BEAUTIFUL and well made. 100% recommend.