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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's day gift idea

Mother's Day is approaching, and you are probably wrecking your head, thinking about what to get her. Every mom is different, and they all love different stuff and have different hobbies that they enjoy. Some moms love to read, some love to hike, some love to cook, some love to knit, some love to paint… but we can guarantee that all moms enjoy looking and feeling beautiful. If you are struggling to figure out what you should gift your mom for this Mother's Day, we have just the perfect recommendation for you: a set of AddictaLash magnetic eyelashes.


Why Magnetic Eyelashes?

Our mothers really know what being busy truly means. They are always busy, always running somewhere, always doing something, and never finding enough time for themselves. This puts a huge damper on their beauty routine, which is a shame. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident, no matter how extensive her to-do list is for that day, and false lashes can make any day feel like a red carpet attending. However, applying standard false lashes is time-consuming and very nerve-wracking. That is not the case with magnetic lashes!

Magnetic eyelashes are a makeup trend that is taking the makeup world by the storm because they are a new, simple way to attach false eyelashes without using any sticky glue that ends up everywhere and for a fraction of the time needed for gluing the regular false eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are also highly cost-effective because they can be reused up to forty times, and they are also a hassle-free and mess-free way for your mom to have long and beautiful lashes. By gifting AddictaLash magnetic eyelashes to your mother, you are gifting her the gift of beauty, convenience, and time-saving. There is nothing better than a 3in1 gift if you ask us!


AddictaLash Magnetic Lash Bundles

The best and most cost-effective way to buy a gift is to get a bundle. The gift is going to look much bigger, and the receiver will be able to try out many different products and many different options.
AddictLash offers three different bundle options, and they are:


Magnetic lash kit mom day
Natural Love Kit 10 magnet  

Natural AddictaLash KIT combines a pair of  Pixy lashes for a glamorous natural look and a pair of  Wispy lashes for perfect natural cat-eyes. This set of ultra-light magnetic eyelashes is like your own lashes but better! 



Glamorous Deluxe Kit 10 Magnet 

Glamorous AddictaLash KIT combines a pair of Pixy lashes for an everyday natural look and a pair of Perfection lashes to perfect the makeup style. 

full collection magnetic eyelashes addictalash australia

Addicted Kit 5 Magnet

Addicted KIT is the ultimate Lash KIT, including our full magnetic lash collection!
This value kit contains six magnetic lash pairs, two magnetic eyeliners, and a lash applicator. This set is currently at 50% off, making this the perfect opportunity to snag this deal.


My Mom Cannot Apply Eyeliner; What Should I Do?

Some moms are not makeup-savvy, and that is completely okay. If you are not with her right now or you are not able to teach her for any other reason, do not worry! AddictaLash also offers an amazing alternative, which is a clear lash adhesive liner set.

Lash adhesive natural kit

Natural AddictaLash KIT

This amazing lash kit contains a pair of Wispy lashes, which will make for the perfect natural cat-eyes, and a pair of Pixy lashes, which make for the most glamorous look. Natural AddictaLash KIT contains also contains an adhesive liner formula, which is entirely beginner-friendly and provides a strong hold all day, without any glue and any latex.



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