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How To Take Your Daily Makeup To Night

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How to Take Your Daily Makeup To Night With Magnetic Lashes

Sometimes your days are too long and too busy to go back home and re-do your makeup before going out in the evening. However, the office-appropriate or errand-appropriate makeup might look too basic and too bland during your night out, leaving you looking flushed out and done up. You can easily change through a few simple steps that will help you turn your daily makeup into the perfect night-out look.   



Touch Up Your Face Makeup

Before you go changing anything, make sure your base is flawless, and your skin is looking good. If you have been working or out and about the whole day long, add some powder in your oiliest area or add a creamy concealer for your under-eyes and blemishes.  


Adding bold lipstick for better night maleup look

Add Bold Lipstick

The simplest way to turn your daily makeup into a nightly look is by changing your lip makeup and lip colour, always going for a bolder and more eye-catching choice. Applying a different lip colour can elevate your day makeup and turn it into the perfect night makeup. You can choose a bold lipstick for the night if you’re wearing a nude or muted pink shade during the day. The night is the perfect time to venture into reds, plums, and deep maroons, as they can look a bit too much and a bit out of place during the day. These colors will accentuate your pout and elevate your night makeup look. If you want to add some extra shine to your makeup look, you can always add some shine to your pout by applying your lip balm or your lip gloss to your lips


Smokey eyes nailed it

Smoke it out or Go Colourful 

During the day, you are probably wearing no eyeshadow or wearing just a bit of a nude colour on your eyelids, if that. Your night look is the perfect opportunity to play with darker or play with crazy colours in your eyeshadow palette that you usually never touch. Just remember, if you are making your eyes the focal point of your face and your makeup look, keep your lip colour muted and simple, as close to nude as possible, to avoid overwhelming your face. Another great idea is to brush out your eyebrows and add some eyebrow gel to make the whole look much nicer. 


Hypnotize magnetic lashes on beautiful women

Add Dark Eyeliner and Dramatic Lashes

The best and the tried and true way to add that extra effect that turns your daily makeup into a night look is by adding some bold eyeliner and some false lashes. Eyeliner and false lashes will bring a special charm and glamour to any makeup look, even the simplest one, elevating it and making it evening-appropriate.

However, you might be thinking, “I can’t even apply eyelashes in my own home with two hours to spare; how will I apply them in an office bathroom in a rush?” If this is your concern, there is no need to worry! Magnetic lashes will allow you to draw your eyeliner on and then stick the lashes on the eyeliner, as they have magnetic properties.

AddictaLash offers diverse kits such as the Day & Night Magnetic Lash Kit which comes with two sets of lashes – one for day and one for the night – so you can achieve the perfect look for any occasion. You will be amazed by how easy and how secure it is! Easy, convenient, mess-free, and fast way to turn your daily makeup right into evening-appropriate makeup and have fun!   


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