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Lift Your Face with Makeup - Tips For a Youthful Facelift At Home by Using Makeup

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How to lift face with Makeup and magnetic lashes


Wearing makeup is amazing because it gives us an opportunity to play around and have fun. The most fun aspect of wearing makeup is that it allows us to be creative and bold every time we sit in front of that mirror. And possibilities are endless; one day, you can make your lips stand out; the next, you can make your eyes very cat-like and seductive, while the next, you can make them dove-like and huge, all with the help of makeup. On top of that, you can spice up every makeup look with a pair of magnetic lashes to make yourself stand out more.

Makeup trends come and go (and they sometimes tend to repeat after a while), and the latest trend that has been flooding the makeup world is using makeup to give yourself a painless and temporary facelift. Keep reading to learn more about how step by step.


It Is All In the Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, and you should pay special attention to them if your goal is to lift up and brighten your face. Instead of applying a lot of darker products to your eyebrows, try brushing them upwards and using some gel to keep the hairs in place.


Skip the Heavy Concealer

The days of applying concealer in a large triangle under the eye are long gone, especially if your goal is to achieve that youthful facelift look. Instead, apply concealer with a very light hand and on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, going upwards to highlight and lift those areas. This technique requires less product and can be used for natural makeup looks, as well as more mature skin.


Go easy on the forehead contour

Applying a lot of dark contour on your forehead can shorten your face and make it appear more round and soft, which is the opposite of the look you are going for when creating a facelift look. You can still apply contour on your forehead, of course; just make sure to use a light hand and blend it well into your hairline.


Do Not Underestimate the Power of Blush

The way you place the blush on your face can completely change your look and the shape of your face, as well as the vibe you are giving off. Wearing absolutely no blush can make you appear a bit washed out, while wearing too much, especially applied in a round motion, can make you appear childish and flushed, just like Dolly Parton. If you want to achieve a facelift effect, make sure to apply your blush with a (very!) light hand, applying it from the hairline, underneath your temples. Then, use a flickering movement to fan out your blush from the hairline to the apples of your cheeks.



Don’t Forget the Lashes

False lashes are very much an underestimated part of a woman’s makeup routine that can really take your makeup look to a new level of extravagance. On top of that, applying your magnetic lashes can also help with giving you a facelift effect by giving your eyes a more sultry, cat-eye appearance. We offer several different styles and shapes in our collection, but some of the best options for a facelift effect include Hypnotize Magnetic Lashes, Venus Magnetic Lashes, and Heartbreaker Magnetic Lashes.


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