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How to Trim Your Magnetic Eyelashes?

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How to trim magnetic eyelashes easy

There are few eye tips in which everyone tends to fall into (if you want to know which one is yours, read this article). However, at the end of the day, everyone's eyes are unique and special. That is beautiful, of course, but that means that your eyelashes might need some customising.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry or stress because trimming the magnetic lashes is as easy as applying them! We have prepared a short, sweet, and informative tutorial about how to trim your magnetic lashes and make sure that they fit you perfectly, like your favourite pair of jeans!

How to Trim Your Magnetic Eyelashes?

Step 1: Take your magnetic lashes and place them over your eyelash line WITHOUT applying any magnetic eyeliner. You want to avoid getting your lashes attached to your eyes at this moment because this is just the measuring phase. If you notice that the eyelash band is much longer than your lash line, it means you will have to cut them.

How to trim magnetic eyelashes step 1

Step 2: Take a closer look at your lash band, and take note of the magnets on each end. It is very important not to cut the magnets off because they are what keeps the lashes on. You need to make sure that you are keeping a magnet on both ends of the eyelash when you trim them.

Step 3: Get scissors: the smaller and the sharper, the better. The small scissors used to upkeep your eyebrows and/or cuticles are the best choice.

Step 4: Align the inner corner of your magnetic eyelashes with the inner corner of your lash line, and then trim the excess on the outer corner, making sure to keep the magnet in place.

How to trim magnetic eyelashes_cut from the outer corner

Step 5: Now, you are ready to apply your magnetic lashes, check our full tutorial here

Pro Tip: Trimming your magnetic lashes is just like trimming your hair. Once you cut off too much, there is no going back. If you cut off too much, you will end up with magnetic eyelashes that are too short for your liking, so make sure to tread lightly. It is best to make sure you are taking baby steps with the scissors; you can always cut more if you need to.

What Should I Do If My Magnetic Eyelashes Are Too Short?

This is the opposite of the problem we previously discussed, but it is still worth mentioning because it might be an issue you run into (especially if you are not careful with scissors). If your magnetic eyelashes are too short, we suggest applying them to the outer corners of your eyes. Applying the magnetic lashes on towards the outer corners is going to give you a lash flare, making your eyes appear seductive and cat-like. In order to blend your natural lashes with magnetic eyelashes, make sure to apply mascara to the inner corners of your eye.

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