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Magnetic eyelashes vs glue; 5 reasons why you should start using magnetic eyelashes

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why magnetic lashes are better than lash glue

Now imagine you are in a hurry to an occasion or you are late for a business meeting, and you are already at your wits end trying to get your fake lashes on using glue, or you've already gotten them on and now you have made a mess of yourself; maybe you got glue all over you; on your hands, on your face and even on that fancy new dress you just bought specifically for that special outing of yours.

If this is what it is like for you when you put your falsies on, I understand that you are going to get easily frustrated with this. Believe me, I do. These glue-on falsies can be very difficult to deal with and sometimes they end up ruining the rest of your day.

However, it is precise because of this reason that I strongly suggest you go from using glue on eyelashes to magnetic eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes work wonders for a lot of people and they are the next big thing in the market. These lashes have saved a lot of women a lot of troubles when they are used.

Magnetic lashes are simply a new way of getting pretty lashes for yourself and only for a fraction of the time you use on the glue. They are cost-effective, and you sure as hell can use them without them making a mess on your face. Instead of using glue to fix your eyelashes, which not only leaves a mess afterwards but could also cause some severe allergic reactions, magnetic eyelashes as the name implies stick to your lashes like a magnet onto a magnetic liner that you apply on your eyelid (check our blog post to see how to apply your liquid eyeliner).

Now, tell me, isn't that wonderful. For some ladies, magnetic eyelashes are something that is almost too good to be true, and funny enough it is. "Magnetic eyelashes are so easy to use, it's why I love them so much". This statement was made by celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke. She also went further to express her love for magnetic eyelashes, especially on its simplicity when we use them.
She said, "It's simple to use, it takes like 2 seconds to apply them, and the more you apply them the more easily they just pop on and off, making it so fascinating to use".


Now, I'm going to give you five solid reasons why you should use magnetic eyelashes over the glue or stick on eyelashes. Who knows, maybe these reasons will help you make your decision-making process so much easier.

    1. They are easy to use and it saves time.

      Magnetic eyelashes do not need some kind of expertise or experience for you to apply them on your face. Although, doing it the first time can be a little tricky. Side note, you won't have to deal with using glue for it either. Now, there are different brands of magnetic eyelashes out in the market today. Some of these eyelashes use some kind of technology for you to successfully apply them in your face, our magnetic lashes AddictaLash is a good example.
      While some eyelashes make use of a lash applicator, by simply allowing you to apply the magnetic eyeliner and then attaching the lash on the eyeliner and clipping them together, AddictaLash eyelashes use a form of technology that lets you apply your eyelashes on your face without clipping them together.
      I know, it's crazy right. The technology is so unique and distinct that you just simply cannot resist its products.

      With all that said, compare the time it will take you to get those glue falsies on your face, not to mention the extra time needed to allow the glue settle in and the different forms of allergic reactions you have to put up with after. Magnetic lashes have none of these hassles. Just as how easy they are to apply, they are also very easy to take off.

    2. These magnetic lashes are waterproof. 

      Yes, our AddictaLash magnetic eyelashes are waterproof. What I mean is that, even with extended exposure of these lashes to water, heat and other very harsh environmental conditions, these lashes stay on your face for as long as 10 hours and they do not smudge or fall off. They are ideal for spending long periods of time at work or on long dates. However, we don't advise to swim with the lashes. 

    3. These lashes can be pocket friendly.

      If you feel spending too much on your lashes can get a little uncomfortable for you, then don't worry about it because these lashes can be very cheap. You can get high-quality magnetic eyelashes as $100 or cheaper-quality as $29 to $37. Addictalash lashes are worth $79.95 dollars the KIT. Yes, it is more expensive compared to 29 dollars or $37. But it guarantees exceptional quality and you are able to reuse them up to 40 times. Vegan and animal-free testing, their unique design will give you a dream looking for your eyes.

    4. Magnetic eyelashes come in varying styles It doesn't matter if it is an eyelash or an eyeliner, the magnetic lashes system provides you with lots of options that can meet your needs. Some lashes are available in natural, and dramatic styles and the eyeliner come in the form of liquid.

    5. They are safe for your eyes

      While the glues used with traditional false eyelashes can cause allergic reactions and irritation, magnetic eyelashes don’t use these glues. Moreover, AddictaLash uses only synthetic materials for their magnetic eyelashes which are safe and animal-free testing.


Final thoughts, In conclusion, I think we can all agree that magnetic eyelashes are not only easy to use, but they are painless, pocket-friendly, safe, efficient and very effective. Now ask yourself now that you know all these, if you were asked to choose between using magnetic lashes or glue, which would you pick?

I know you will make the right choice. Become Addicted To Your Lashes with AddictaLash!

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