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Why eyelash extensions are not good for your eyes

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are lash extensions good for eyes or magnetic lashes good for eyes.

Have you ever dreamt of long lashes that stay curled to perfection and need one coat of mascara to oomph them up, or are you normal? Long, dark, feathery, and full lashes are every woman’s dream. False lashes made that dream into a reality. But let’s be real, false lashes take time and patience to put on correctly. Working women don’t have that kind of time. They need everything to be quick, easy, and effortless to get up and ready for work. This problem leads to a rise in the popularity of “lash extensions.” While they may last 4-6 weeks and provide the perfect curl, but are they worth it? This article discusses the drawbacks of lash extensions and the best alternative to them in the market: “magnetic eyelashes.” Let’s dive in.

Are Lash Extensions Worth The Hype?

While you may be able to achieve your dream of rolling out of bed with Adele like lashes, lash extension application is not easy. Unlike falsies that can just be glued on to your lashes, putting on lash extensions is a far more meticulous process. It takes up to 3 hours or more and requires professional help. While you may have full control over deciding the length, curl, and fluff, the technician will do the rest. Below are the reasons why investing in this trend is not beneficial.

  1. Allergic Reaction To Glue

    Even though the semi-permanent glue is specially formulated, it can and has caused an allergic reaction in users. Despite different adhesives being catering to sensitivity, there is no guarantee. Furthermore, the glue is likely to irritate and stub the growth of your natural lashes.

    allergies reactions eyelash extensions

  2. Expensive to apply and require maintenance

    Eyelash extensions are of three types: synthetic, mink, and silk. Mink is the most expensive. Application of lash extensions can cost up to 80-180 AUD. One hundred sixty of these lashes are applied individually to our natural lashes by the technician. It is the reason why they require a touch-up, once your natural lash sheds, so do the extension glued to it! Maintenance is necessary to keep them looking full and dark. Furthermore, they require proper daily cleaning and fluffing to make them last longer.

  3. Time-Consuming And Require “Refills”

    Refills are needed every 2-4 weeks on average. This time frame is likely to vary according to the individual as it is dependent on our lash growth cycle. Refills take up to 1-2 hours, and in general, the whole procedure takes at least three and a half hours, give or take.

  4. Going To An Unlicensed Technician Can Cause You Permanent Harm

    Use of unsanitized or improperly cleaned tools can lead to infections like pink eye. It can also cause infections on the eyelid or cornea. Likewise, improper glue application can cause injuries such as eye irritation, itching, or bloodshot eyes. It may lead to a temporary or, in some cases, a permanent loss of eyelashes. So does that mean you can’t achieve your dream of Kim Kardashian looking lashes? No, it doesn’t. The answer to that is “magnetic eyelashes.”

What Are Magnetic Lashes?


magnetic eyelashes australia

The last five years have seen a colossal trend in the use of magnetic eyelashes the world over. They’ve been popping up in drugstores and departments alike. But obviously, everyone had concerns about magnets being this close to our eyes. Most optometrists gave it the green light, going as far as saying that is the safest method to achieve a fuller lash dream than extensions or false lashes combined. It is secure as the electromagnetic frequency emitted from these lashes is very low.

The magnetic lash technology has seen its high because of its easy application. Its use of a “single strip.” And that too applied with the aid of a magnetic liner has attracted people regardless of their makeup skills. The magnetic liner acts as your single strip and your magnetic lashes easily attach to it. A promising magnetic eyelash and magnetic eyeliner brand in Australia is “AddictaLash.” Our magnetic lashes can be reused up to 40 times.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

It does not require any glue, no perfect placement, and no rechecking if it’s come off at one end. Magnetic eyelashes can be put on in two simple steps. Your addictaLash Magnetic eyelash kit comes with two things: magnetic eyeliner with magnetic lashes of your choice.

Step 1: Apply your magnetic eyeliner as you would do a regular eyeliner. Get creative with your eyeliner i.e. kitten eye, cat eye, simple, whatever floats your boat!

Step 2: Pick your magnetic lashes with a tweezer and hold it up to your eyes, and they stick right on to your magnetic eyeliner. Voila! It is that simple!

Sounds too good to be true, but it is this easy. Say bye to messy glues and time-consuming procedures as it takes less than 5 minutes. For a one time purchase, it is not too hard on your pocket either.


What’s more, these magnetic eyelash kits (inclusive of the magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes) are vegan and cruelty-free! Unlike lash extensions that are manufactured from mink fur, they don’t harm animals or the environment at all!

It is the perfect and the easiest way to up your lash game. Even beginners or users with rookie makeup skills can quickly put this on without the fear of “perfect placement” as the magnetic eyeliner simplifies the application process immensely.


We won’t be wrong in assuming that this article has pretty much sold you out on investing in a magnetic lash kit stat! There isn’t anything to hate’ vegan, cruelty-free, and inexpensive. Their straightforward, quick application is a huge plus! Furthermore, they’re weatherproof. Exposure to harsh elements such as water or heat does not affect the magnets as much, and they can easily last up to a whopping 10 hours without smudging! So what are you waiting for? Grab your magnetic lash kit now and say hello to flawless dark lashes!


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